Fundamentals 1st
Basketball Training Camp

Masters the fundamentals!

 Watch your game go to the next level!


What do we do?

Fundamentals 1st Training Program teaches basketball techniques that players can take with them where ever they go. Be trained by coaches who have trained and built athletes who have went on to play high school, all levels of college, professionally overseas and drafted by the NBA.  Fundamentals 1st gives your child the skills, techniques, and confidence they need to improve their game. 

Want to acquire a specific skill set or technique? No worries, check out our camps section and sign up for one of our camps today!



Indianapolis, Indiana


Areas of Practice

Dribbling techniques

Learn dribbling, passing, and other techniques to assist with ball handling skills. 


Training isn't all about self. In this camp you will learn how to play with a team, and how to work together in order to play and win the game. 

shooting techniques 

Acquire great shooting techniques that will help you to gain the precision and speed you need to shoot from just about anywhere on the court. 


Sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose. Learn how to do both like a champ!

finishing moves 

What's a great start, with out the perfect finish? Learn the fundamentals behind various finishing moves. 


Playing basketball is hard work. That hard work will pay off , but you will have to be dedicated, and be self accountable for all your actions. You get out what you put in!


If you listen to Coach Q, and work hard, you will become a better player for sure!
— Former Georgia Tech Player

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