Fundamentals 1st
Basketball Training Camp

Open to kids 5th-12th grade

Finishing Moves

What's Covered?

  • We’ll concentrate on proper footwork to beat your defender.
  • We’ll cover basic finishes to score quickly and efficiently like Lebron James and Kevin Durant.
  • Campers will learn to finish on both their dominant and non-
  • dominant side.
  • We’ll cover ball control, explosiveness, and being able to finish
  • with both the weak and strong hand.
  • We’ll show you how to draw contact from the defender and still
  • score the basket.
  • We’ll show you how you help draw fouls from your defender as
  • well.

Moves You Will Learn

  •  Campers will work on several finishing moves, like the Pro Hop, Euro
  • Step, and Spin Move.
  • Pro Hop-the correct situations to use a Pro Hop how to use the
  • Pro hop in half and fast break situation.
  • Euro Step-how to use the Euro Step to finish in the half court
  • and fast break situation.
  • Spin Move- When and how to properly use the spin move in the
  • half court and the different angles to use on the background.

You Will Also Learn

  • How to finish over a taller defender
  • How you score on a stronger defender
  • How to maximize your moves and score with the limited
  • amount of dribbles as possible
  • And many more things such as floaters and runners!

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