Fundamentals 1st
Basketball Training Camp

Open to kids 5th-12th grade

Shooting Camp

Catch & Shoot

  • The proper stance to be in to get your shot off faster like Ray Allen, Steph Curry, and Klay Thomspn.
  •  The proper position your body and feet should be to align yourself with the rim.
  •  How your leg positioning can slow you down, or speed you up.
  • The proper release point and follow through .
  • Learn how to have a quick release like some of the great shooters in the NBA.
  • The different types of footwork for catch and shoot, shooting off of a fast break,
  • shooting off of a screen, when a defender is guarding you and many more.

Shooting Off Dribble

  • The proper pump fake to sell the defender
  • Using the dribble to go directly into your shot
  • Show you a few escape dribble moves to create separation and get your shot off.
  • The proper time to use the dribble.
  • Dribbling on a fast break and when and how to get your shot off.

You Will Also Learn

  • You will learn the 1-2 step
  • Inside foot seal
  • Step back jumper
  • Step back hesitation
  • Rip through into shot and many more.
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